Pro style: Gearing Up for Your First Tee

Golf clubs? Check!

Golf bag? Check!

Golf balls? Check!

Excellent swing speed and stability? Check!

Finished initial training? Check!

You may have checked off all the items on the list above and think you are well on your way to becoming a professional golfer. But are you really ready for your first golf competition? Skill and equipments are one thing, but street smarts quite another. You might be forgetting something: what to wear to your first golf tournaments.

GolfGolfers are usually given free rein on what to wear during tournaments, as long as they do not violate any rules or regulations set by the competition’s committee. Given this, however, one does not wish to leave the stylish wardrobe when one slings the golf bag over the shoulder. There are still ways for golfers to look sleek without sacrificing the professional air.

One does not have to look far, in fact. Most golfing companies, aside from manufacturing clubs and balls, also carry clothes (shirts, shorts, shoes) and accessories (socks and arm bands) for players. From summer-ready light shirts to thicker vests meant to be worn during the latter months of the year, these companies often capitalize on what it means to be a golfer.

But if one is in doubt on what to wear, take the cue from some of the world’s most famous golfers. Who knows? Perhaps it was their choice of apparel that proved helpful in improving their respective performances in the field of golf.

Retired Swedish golfer Annika Sorenstam was a fan of the Callaway Golf Company’s footwear collection. During her career, her statistics and rankings in the golfing world were legendary, leading some to declare her as the greatest female golfer ever.

Gary Player, who was given the nickname Black Knight, also donned Callaway Golf accessories and apparel during his matches. Player was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974. He is also a well-known golf course architect, horse breeder, and philanthropist.

What is great about this brand’s products is that they are not only stylish – they also promise excellent performance. From the makers of the Big Bertha golf clubs, Callaway Golf’s line of apparel and accessories promises versatility, optimized high performance, and comfort that will suit your needs. They also manufacture eyewear, especially designed to aid the player in delivering accurate visual images during the game.

Aside from being stylish, players must also balance design with comfort. As with other sports, clothes that feel unnatural and skimpy must be replaced, as they may affect the performance of a player. They may also restrict bodily functions – such as the constriction of blood vessels – especially if armbands and bracelets are wound too tight.

A player must also put into consideration the weather on their playing date, as well as the location of the bout. Looking out of place by wearing a light shirt and shorts during the autumn months is not a good idea. It is best to wear this outfit during summer. The cooler autumn months are suited for polo shirts with longer sleeves and comfortable pants and shoes. For women, skirts are an excellent choice for an outfit, except for days when the gusts of the wind are strongest. Fashion mishaps do not only make one look un-stylish, but also unmindful of the circumstances.

Players must also avoid wearing flashy clothing and accessories as these may take the audience’s attention away from the game. Keep in mind that golfing tournaments are not red carpet events. Though one wishes to look well-dressed, performance and capability are still the factors that will determine a player’s victory.

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Callaway golf equipment has always had a playability and power that golfers can’t get enough of.

5 Cool Ways to Recycle your Old Badge Lanyards

Naturally, when choosing a type of material to work with for a craft project, there are three things that you have to consider. First is how cost-effective it is to work with this material. Second is the material’s versatility; that is, whether there are a lot of various end-products that can be made from the same material. Lastly, you have to look at the aesthetic appeal that the materials provide to increase the craft value.

badgelanyardsBadge lanyards are not the most popular materials used in various crafts, but they satisfy all of the above factors. It is very economical (not to mention, environmental-friendly) to recycle old materials that will otherwise just be thrown away, instead of choosing a craft that will require you to buy a lot of new materials.

Versatility is also not a problem because there are numerous things that you can make from these old lanyards. Using a seemingly boring material that you had only used for work, you’d also be surprised to see how attractive your projects will turn out with just a bit of tweaking.

Repurposed Lanyard

Perhaps, the most obvious way to re-use your old badge lanyards is to still use them as a lanyard, only this time to hold other items. All you have to do is to detach your old ID badge from its lanyard, then attach the item/s that you want to use the lanyard for. You can use it to hold mobile phones, keys or keychains, or even a new ID. If your old badge lanyard is customized with your old company’s design, covering it up with some color pens, glitters or glitter glue, paint, buttons, laces, and other decorative materials can do the trick.

Water Bottle Holder

For badge lanyards that will no longer be used as written above, a practical way to reuse them would be to make a bottle holder. Aside from your old lanyards, you only need a plastic ring—can be bought from a craft store or substituted with any old rings—that fits around your water bottle. A basic design is to attach two strands of lanyard to the ring, then fit the bottle into the ring, and work the strands into a loop around the neck to hold it in place. The loose ends of the strands can then be tied onto your bag or bicycle.


Bookmarks are practically easy to do. You simply have to get a plastic canvas or cardboard. Cut the canvas or board to your desired shape. Pierce a hole through one end of the canvas or board then place the lanyard through the hole, preferably weaving it up and down then tying it off at the end so it won’t unravel. You may decorate the canvas or board as desired, or use different-colored lanyards to create a pattern.

Religious Craft

For the creative and faithful, it is possible to use old badge lanyards to create ornaments that show one’s faith. Depending on your religion, all you have to do is grab a few craft sticks and glue them together to form your desired shape (God’s Eye, Star of David, Catholic Crucifix, etc.). Once the sticks are held properly in place, wrap the lanyards around them to produce the desired color. Use the remaining loose ends to hang up the ornament.


Some creative crafters are able to use old lanyards for jewelry making. The lanyard may be used as a necklace, especially after embellishing them with some colored beads and other jewelry items. The hooks at the end of the lanyards can also help create a personalized pendant. Old lanyards are also popular in making friendship bracelets and earrings.
So if you don’t want to spend too much on a new craft and you’re in the mood to put your creativity to the test, old badge lanyards are the perfect materials to use.

How a Printed Circuit Board Works

Manufacturers and marketers of many of today’s cutting-edge electronic devices often flaunt the type or specific name of the microprocessor that powers the device. Marketing communication and display panels boast of the speed, reliability and capability of the hot and new microchip that consumers get when they purchase a computer, a smartphone, or a handheld device. If a potential buyer of one of such products were to look at the internal hardware of these devices, he would surely not see just the microprocessor everyone is talking about.

pcb fabricationIn fact, he might not even see the microprocessor upon first glance, as he would be distracted and diverted by the clutter of electronic components and connectors attached to the product’s printed circuit board. If the microprocessor is the superstar among the many team players who make the electronic device work, the main board is the structure and organization of the team, itself.

This circuit board, often referred to as the “mother board” or the “main board” is the big picture that makes sense of the functions of each component in the device – allowing all of them to work together to enable the device to function as it was designed to. This printed circuit board is not typically something that people can just buy off-the-shelf to provide electronics solutions; rather, it is a vital piece of technology that needs to be designed for the specific purpose of the electronic device.

An electronics manufacturing firm can produce and distribute a microprocessor intended for devices like laptop computers without manufacturing the actual computer. A number of computer companies can, then, acquire these chips from the electronics manufacturing firm, and build their own laptops using these chips as the central processing unit of each computer. While the power of this chip determines the power of the computer that one can build with it, the actual features, abilities and cost of the computer are determined by the design and layout of the printed circuit board developed by the computer company for the specific products they wish to manufacture.

A printed circuit board gets its name from the thin layer of conductive material, like copper, that is printed or etched on the surface of the board to provide links between various electronic components so that they work together as electric circuits. Apart from the main microprocessor, the board contains hardware like transistors, switches, diodes, transformers, resistors, capacitors, heat sinks, speakers, batteries, and a variety of connectors. The connectors enable the mother board to receive power from the power supply and allocate the correct electric current to various devices like data drives, and the like. They also admit data between storage or input devices and the mother board.

Data and electric current travels between components soldered or fastened on the mother board through the conductive circuit patterns printed on the surface of the board. While a rudimentary printed circuit board accomplished this through a thin layer of copper on one side of the board, other applications call for two-sided boards, and still others for multiple-layered boards.

In fact, the more advanced compact devices that are becoming popular among consumers in all parts of the world utilize extremely complex and amazingly miniaturized circuit boards that are truly impossible to produce without highly sophisticated design and manufacturing technology.

pcbFor this reason, manufacturers of electronic products usually prefer not to reinvent the wheel when sourcing the printed circuit boards needed in their devices since the required investment in having one’s own board design and production capability is prohibitively large. Such manufacturers prefer to have their boards developed and produced by third party contract manufacturing firms that have already made such investments.

The practice of outsourcing difficult manufacturing processes is what makes most present-day electronic devices truly international products. It also allows costs to be lowered; thereby, making these products accessible to more people.

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A Newbie’s Guide to Looking for Military Coins

Collecting military coins can be a fun hobby. In fact, former US President Bill Clinton is famous for giving out challenge coins as well as having a big collection of them. His portrait in the White House shows just how proud he is of his own collection of challenge coins.

custom coinsPeople have begun to follow suit. More and more people are starting to collect challenge coins as a hobby. It may be because they like the designs, the history or just a special fascination for what the coins represent in general.

Whatever the case might be, people who plan to take challenge coin collecting seriously will eventually have to learn how to look them. There are plenty of places out there that sell military coins. Most beginners don’t really have a clue on where to get them though. So here’s a simple guide to finding challenge coins for newbies.

Browsing through the internet

The internet is a person’s best friend. It can provide them with easily accessible information almost 24/7. It’s probably the reason why so many people do their shopping on the internet nowadays.

E-commerce websites are common on the internet. These websites often have a lot of merchants or traders who sell their coins on the net. This is the easiest way for a person to find the coin that they’re looking for.

The great thing about buying military coins on the internet is that they’re often priced at a bargain. It’s difficult to find someone who can match or better the price of coins on the internet.

Furthermore, it’s quite easy to find websites that sell coins. People don’t need to leave their house in order to go shopping. It’s really as simple as going on the net and typing for that particular coin a person wants.

The downside is that a person can’t really inspect the coin up close and personal. There are instances where people have been duped into thinking that they’ll get what they were looking for only to be disappointed once the package arrived on their doorstep. A little bit of care and prudence goes a long way when buying military coins on the internet.

Visiting antique stores or pawnshops

Antique stores and pawnshops are some of the coolest places on the planet. They have all sorts of unique stuff that a person might be interested in.

Some of these stores are sort of like history museums in that they have a large stock of really wonderful and neat stuff that someone might be interested in buying.

Never underestimate the coins that these stores can sell. Sure, brick and mortar stores are largely falling out of style ever since the rise of the information technology.

The advantage of buying these challenge coins off of these stores is that buyers get to see the merchandise in person. They don’t have to worry about being duped or swindled like they do on the internet. The downside is that a person’s options and selection will be limited in cases of brick and mortar stores.

Asking those who might be in the know

When all else fails, people who buy, sell, or collect challenge coins will be the best source of information. There are plenty of other people out there who collect challenge coins. Those who are new to the challenge coin collecting world will learn a lot from what these people have to share.

It’s easy to get a hold of these people. The internet is home to plenty of websites and forums where people who like to talk about and collect military coins hang out.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Weight Loss: Is there A Direct Connection?

Losing weight has turned into a lifelong quest for many people. No matter how many diet or exercise plans they try, they fail to lose those unwanted pounds. If you are one of the people in this group, you might be interested in trying out a different approach towards weight loss – one that involves the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone.

You might be wondering how a hormone that is related to pregnancy could be the solution to your weight loss problem. Here’s how:

Weight Loss Should Not be About Water Loss

One of the stipulations why other weight loss programs fail is that they focus on helping one lose weight through decreasing water retention. This means that you lose weight not because the fat cells are destroyed but because you have less water in your body. This is unstable and the results are not permanent. This is why a lot of people get frustrated. They are led to believe that they are successful in losing weight, but once their body regains its normal water retention level, all the additional weight comes back and the fat cells are still there.

Hormone Injection Destroys the Unwanted Fat Cells

HCG and Weight LossAccording to proponents of this weight loss program, the additional hormones in your body will be able to destroy the excess fat cells that are not supposed to be in your body. Since you are not introducing a foreign object, your body will normally have no adverse reactions. In addition, since these hormones know what their role is, they are able to target the fat cells that are in the wrong place and ignore the fat cells that you need for insulation.

A Word of Caution

There is much to learn about this weight loss program and its ability to induce weight loss. For one, there are no clinical studies yet that proves the direct connection between HCG intake and weight loss. Most of the weight loss or diet plans that involve hormones require a complementary diet plan or weight loss pills, so it is difficult to establish whether the weight loss experienced by patients are a direct effect of the increased hormones in their bodies or if it was due to the pills or the change in diet that they have undertaken.

In addition, using this hormone as a means to lose weight must not be done without medical assistance. While there are no known side effects when there is hormone overdose, such weight loss plans may require the right balance in order to produce the best results. By not following the regimen strictly and by not involving a medical practitioner, you might be exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. Aside from that, the results may not turn out to be what you expect.

Whether hormone injections can boost weight loss or not, you must keep in mind that losing weight is not just about seeing a lower number in your weighing scale. It is about staying healthy, eating the right food, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss is not just about looking good, but also being able to take care of yourself so you can live life to the fullest and you can be with the people you love for a longer period of time.

To conclude, boosting the HCG levels in your body may be the solution that you have been waiting for. However, you must know all the details of this weight loss program and you should be prepared for everything that might happen once you start with the hormone injections. You must be aware of what to do or who to contact if complications arise.