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Some Awesome D.I.Y. Birthdays and Christmas Gift Ideas

November 19th, 2014

Sometimes all it takes is just a little creativity and a sprinkle of imagination to make something valuable, new, and appreciated. This is particularly true with gifts or any tokens of appreciation. If you know how to cut, sew, and to iron on patches, then you have the basic skills to turn your old stuff into something new, functional, and fashionable.


Many people feel burdened when looking for that perfect give for birthdays, Christmas, or any other occasion. The malls are all filled with lovely items which unfortunately are too pricey or common. In order to stand out from the rest and to make a statement that the recipient will never forget, try working with hands and let the labor of love be the ultimate present. Here are some do-it-yourself ideas that will certainly not break your bank:

• Turn your old denim pants to a funky tote bag

patch1Down sizing closets offers opportunities to turn old belongings to sparkling new ones. An old pair of jeans can instantly turn into a funky tote bag in no time. Grab an old pair of jeans and start cutting out patterns for the main compartment of the bag and the handles. Make it unique by using buttons, patches, and zippers. Choose buttons of different sizes and colors and iron on patches to add a little sass. Choose any designs from the Web that you can easily download. When it comes to sewing and ironing, a little help from an adult is suggested.

• Turn your decade-old sweater into a comfy pillow

For autumn and winter season, a comfy pillow can add warmth to a chair or the couch of a birthday celebrator. Cut out two square patterns and add an inch of allowance on all sides. No need to use a sewing machine as a simple hand sewing movement can do the trick. Before stuffing it with cottons, put a special message on the surface of the pillow. Letter patches are highly recommended. Use medium-heat setting to iron on patches to make sure that they attach well on the surface of the garment. Imperfectly aligned letters would look better and personalized.

• Create your personalized, hand-made stuffed animal for kids

Kids will never outgrow their love for stuffed animals. Whether it’s a bear, a duck, or a pg – stuffed toys can make very good companions. Buying them from a department store can be quite costly, so making one out of old clothes is not exactly a bad idea. Animal patterns can now be obtained by a simple click on the Internet. Sewing can be done by hand. Embellish the finished product by using gems or buttons for the eyes. Make the stuffed toy unique by incorporating heart patches. If cotton clothes are used, then patches can simply be ironed on. To iron on patches, make sure that a clean towel covers the idea to reduce the risk of melting or overheating.

• Purse, purse, and more purses!

Do you have a handful of ‘leftovers’ or fragment of cloth from the projects above? Then, use them to create small purses or key holders. Some strings, zippers, and rhinestones can be particularly helpful here. Making small purses can also be a good idea for give-away’s or small tokens for birthdays or any celebration. Make sure that a small card is attached also to indicate the name of the celebrator.


People need to become wise spenders these days. Learning how to value your belongings can give you countless opportunities to become creative. You need not take special art classes for these. With just some ideas and a desire to create something new, you might be surprised by how much you can save on buying presents.